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VASKO Shipping & Logistics is provider of solutions in air consolidation and forwarding. We provide customer-specific airfreight services to shippers of all sizes. With our international expertise in Air freight Logistics forwarding, we can import or export your shipments in a reliable, timely manner to and from all major markets. Our extensive network and international alliance partners can provide you competitively priced, dependable and timely export and import air shipment service around the world.



We believe in being partners to our customer's success . Keeping this in mind we, together with our international partners, work with carriers to offer the consistent transit and large capacities We understand the requirements of your business/supply chain & that is why we enter into contracts with carriers depending on route/service requirements/ capacity, so as to provide leverage in both space allocation and pricing.

Some of the fastest growing companies in India turn to Air freight to meet their logistic needs. Our customers range from budding organizations to large corporate.



Through Air freight Import Consolidation Services, we provide economical rates along with weekly consolidations from USA ,Europe & Far East. Through this service customers can avail benefit of cost savings. Our customer service staff is continuously tracking the shipments from origin to destination through airline systems.



Where required by exporters depending on Urgency & nature of cargo we also provide direct shipments Airway bill of for all major airlines with fastest transit time along with assured Air freight responsive service and accurate documentation.



Air freight arranges complete documentation for your shipments, including documentation, conformance to Customs' regulations, and the air transportation required for exporting your shipments from your door to your overseas customer's door.



Air freight does the tracking and tracing of your shipments through airline systems. Our Customer Services keep track of your shipment right from PO/LC release to shipment landing at destination, advising/updating you of every status and to ensure correct documentation/ planned implementation. This information is passed to customers providing critical information via e-mails with details of shipment handled and their transit times, delays, comments, suggestions etc.


VASKO Shipping & Logistics Private Limited Services

  • Arranging inland transportation and local drayage to gateway airports
  • Preparation of export documentation
  • Export packaging and labeling
  • Consultation for  "Letters of Credit" negotiation
  • Airline insurance
  • Communication of shipment status throughout the transportation chain  

VASKO Shipping & Logistics Private Limited Products

  • Airport to airport
  • Door to door
  • Airport to door
  • Free Domicile Movement
  • Door to airport
  • Direct Shipment
  • Consolidation
  • Dangerous Goods Handling

We provide a comprehensive, flexible spectrum of distribution and warehousing services customized to your specific needs that are available throughout our Air freight Logistics network.