Saturday the 20th - - Glowfin India
Spares parts management is becoming and increasingly important element in the supply chain requirement for many of our customers. With growing requirement for companies to differentiate themselves from competition, after market logistics is becoming a key differentiating factor for our customers in different industries. 
We offer the following services with regards to after sales logistics:
Reverse logistics
This involves the flow of surplus or unwanted material or equipment back through the supply chain after meeting customer demand. 
Returns logistics
We can manage the returns process for unwanted or damaged goods. These goods will be reused or disposed of on behalf of our customers.
We manage the receipt and repair of products or parts. Once repaired, the parts will return to the stock, to be reused at some point.

Scrapping Services 
We can design and manage reverse flows to ensure that the surplus or unwanted material is handled in an environmentally responsible way.
Help Desks 
As a value added feature we can manage the help desk for our customers. This help or facilitation desk can take orders from, or book deliveries for, our customer's customers.