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Supply Chain Services: 

VASKO Shipping & Logistics Private Limited designs and executes logistics activities across the entire supply chain. This comprises of inbound logistics, manufacturing support, outbound logistics and distribution, in addition we also specialize in reverse logistics including spare management. 


Customs Clearance

We manage the entire in-bound customs clearance process from the time a shipment lands till the time it is delivered to the final customer. 


We manage picking, consolidation, packing and delivery of parts based on a customers requirements. We integrate the kitting process into our warehouse operations so that the process becomes a coherent part of the inbound supply chain.

Quality control

We perform quality inspections in the warehouse and will remove goods that fail to meet standards. We specialize in garments and hard goods inspections both in the office and at customers factories. 

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer ambient, racked solutions and fulltime inventory visibility for virtually any industry.


We provide our customers optimum transportation flows; we can undertake milk runs; multiple collection's or delivery routes for customers. We can plan fixed routes with various loading/unloading points, combining the required orders from different customers at the same time to ensures optimal use of vehicle capacity and lower transportation costs. 

We also provide JIT solutions to synchronize the movement of materials between operations to reduce inventory levels throughout the supply chain and optimize costs.